As a longtime resident of Dublin, a family man and a local business owner, I have a unique perspective of what we need . . .

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My Position Statement

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Meet Bruce Fox

Many of you may know Bruce Fox because he has owned and run the Friendly Farm in Dublin for more than 40 years. He has welcomed visitors when they came as children, later as parents bringing their own children, and nowadays occasionally as grandparents bringing their first grandchild. He has greeted thousands of NH families over the years. With the stewardship of the Fox family, the Friendly Farm has thrived for over 50 years because of the support of New Hampshire families – and now Bruce wants to serve them in turn as a State Senator.




I stand strongly behind Obamacare and Medicaid Expansion, which has benefited 50,000 New Hampshire citizens. Healthcare should not be a considered a privilege but a right that any good government will work to protect. No child, adult or senior should be left behind when it comes to healthcare.


New Hampshire should fully fund whole day kindergarten for our children. As a former teacher, I strongy support the public school system. I am opposed to the proposed school voucher  program.  We also need to make college more affordable and not burden studnts and parents with massive debt simply to attain a degree that is required n so many jobs today


Before our license plates had “Live Free or Die” on them they displayed “Scenic New Hampshire”.  Our state is still scenic and we need ot preserve it for ourselves and our millions of visitors.

Clean water is essential for every family in our state and we need to do all we can to ensure water is safe.

Voting Rights

In a country as great as ours, voter turnout has always disappointed me. We should do all we can to increase voter participation. I do not accept the premise that voter fraud exists to a level that we need to address it with onerous new laws and regulations.

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