Bruce’s Priorities Include…

Health Care – I stand strongly behind Medicaid Expansion, which has benefited 50,000 New Hampshire citizens. I also support expanding efforts to tackle the opioid crisis including increased funding for treatment, prevention and educating NH’s youth about the dangers of substance abuse. 

Paid Family Leave – Economic experts agree, New Hampshire will continue to lose quality workers to surrounding states until we pass comprehensive paid family leave legislation.  More and more business leaders, particularly given NH’s low unemployment rate, recognize the need to attract top employers with policies like paid family leave, pay equity and job training.  In addition to enticing new mothers to stay in the workforce, PFL legislation provides older workers with needed latitude to rebound after an illness as well as for those suffering from addiction time to receive needed treatment.

Education – As a former teacher, I strongly support the public school system, including full day kindergarten and support efforts to make college more affordable.

Supporting Business – In Concord, I will encourage economic growth by improving our infrastructure, making broadband more widely available, and most importantly, supporting good public schools, which will produce graduates well prepared to join the workforce.

Public Safety – I support the rights of all hunters to own guns, but there must be regulations protecting our most vulnerable, namely schools and children, from dangerous individuals and weapons. I support concealed weapon permits issued by local police departments.

Voting Rights – In a country as great as ours, voter turnout has always disappointed me. We should do all we can to increase voter participation. I do not accept the premise that voter fraud exists to a level that we need to address it with onerous new laws and regulations.

Environment – Before our license plates used the motto “Live Free or Die,” they read “Scenic New Hampshire.” As your State Senator, I’ll work to protect our natural resources, mitigate carbon emissions and expand NH’s renewable economy.