Bruce Fox On The Issues

Bruce’s positions on issues and on legislative bills will be determined by answering the simple question:

“Will it help the New Hampshire family?”



Medicaid and Medicare

I stand strongly behind Obamacare and Medicaid Expansion, which has benefited 50,000 New Hampshire citizens. Healthcare should not be a considered a privilege but a right that any good government will work to protect. No child, adult or senior should be left behind when it comes to healthcare. My long term vision is to see Medicare for all. It is working for seniors – so why not let it encompass those younger?


Public Schools

As a former teacher, I strongly support the public school system, including full day kindergarten.  I am opposed to the proposed school voucher program and its unconstitutional funding through a so-called “scholarship fund,” which would siphon off money from public schools.

College Costs

We need to make college more affordable and not burden students and parents with massive debt. I was a victim of high interest student loans and am still paying for them and will be for years to come!

School Safety

I believe guns do not belong in schools. However, I believe local school boards should make these decisions as they can measure the pulse of their communities better than the state.

Gun Regulation:

When the Second Amendment was adopted, the common weapon of the individual was a musket. Who would anticipate the killing power of a AR15? I support the rights of all hunters to own guns, but there must be regulations governing individuals who possess what are in effect weapons of war.  I support concealed weapon permits issued by local police departments.


Before our license plates used the motto “Live Free or Die,” they read “Scenic New Hampshire.”  Our state remains scenic and we need to preserve it for ourselves and our millions of visitors.
Clean water is essential for every family in our state and we need to do all we can to ensure water is safe.

Voting Rights:

In a country as great as ours, voter turnout has always disappointed me. We should do all we can to increase voter participation. I do not accept the premise that voter fraud exists to a level that we need to address it with onerous new laws and regulations.

Supporting Business:

Growth in businesses should not be supported by lowering their taxes that provides an important revenue stream to the state. Instead, we must encourage businesses by improving our infrastructure, making broadband more widely available, and most importantly, supporting good public schools, which will produce graduates well prepared to join the workforce or ready to further their education in institutions of higher learning.