Many of you may know Bruce Fox because he has owned and run the Friendly Farm in Dublin for more than 40 years. He has welcomed visitors when they came as children, later as parents bringing their own children, and nowadays occasionally as grandparents bringing their first grandchild. He has greeted thousands of NH families over the years. With the stewardship of the Fox family, the Friendly Farm has thrived for over 50 years because of the support of New Hampshire families – and now Bruce wants to serve them in turn as a State Senator.

But the Friendly Farm, while the major part of Bruce’s life, is not the whole story. After graduating from Wesleyan University, he decided to serve our country as a Peace Corps volunteer. He was assigned to the Philippines, where for two years he worked with indigent farmers and showed them how to start backyard piggeries to supplement their meager income. One of those farmers turned out to be his future father-in-law; he married Jose’s daughter Sylvia during a return visit to the Philippines in 1978.


Bruce and Sylvia have raised four sons and have now welcomed three grandchildren. Supporting all these boys and sending them to college necessitated another career in teaching. Bruce taught in the ConVal School District for 12 years, first as an elementary teacher in Francestown and then for 10 years as a Middle School teacher in Peterborough.

He also found time to get involved in local politics. His political baptism was in fighting the controversial Dublin bypass back in the 70s and 80s. In the 90s he served 6 years as a Dublin Selectman. Bruce thought his current political office of Dublin Cemetery Trustee would be his last. That was until the stunning results of November 8, 2016. He saw Concord became a microcosm of Washington and knew he had to take action.