Joe Manning- Former Republican State Rep, WWII Veteran, Jaffrey citizen of the year 2016

Bruce clearly sees the need to seek out those from both sides of the aisle, who are willing to work toward returning to the days of collaboration, cooperation, and progress. To the days when legislators felt good about themselves and their work and we all slept better at night, Bruce Fox makes sense.

Bernard J. Hampsey – Retired Hillsborough County Superior Court Judge

If you want a refreshing change for your State Senator, vote for Bruce. New to the political arena, that is a plus. He will reach across the aisle. He is caring, fair, and deeply invested in education and healthcare. Bruce is my choice- Please make him your choice this year. 

May Clark- 30 years as a teacher and principal and Dublin citizen of the year 2017

I’ve known Bruce for over 40 years. We’ve worked together as educators, community advocates, and church leaders. In each of these capacities Bruce proved himself a dedicated individual and carful listener, always respectful and responsive. He is smart, steadfast, and a natural compromiser when necessary. His gregarious nature is obvious to anyone who meets him and an exceptional colleague. I can’t think of a better person to put these qualities to work in the New Hampshire State Senate.

Bill Driscoll- Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce 2018 citizen of the year 

Bruce Fox is a good man… He is committed to serving with intelligence, fairness, and comity. The New Hampshire Senate needs members who will answer to our citizens needs not the dictates of partisan politics. Bruce Fox will be a strong advocate for our district and the state of New Hampshire.